I’m not going to say the adoption of Real Economics is the only way humanity can emerge from this overpopulation phase with a bright future. But I haven’t heard anyone proposing a different plant that does.

Insanely ambitious is the only way to describe this work.

The idea that the human values driving wealth extraction from the global ecology could be influenced to be redirected to rehabilitate and increase ecological integrity and scale is unrealistic, I am told, by history’s great writers.

Of course, as a species, if we were to abandon projects that we were told are impossible, humanity would still be riding horses to get groceries.

I am convinced that there is a critical mass among the population who are looking for this project; who would readily abandon their current occupation if they could be convinced there was meaningful employment for them at the Real Economic Society and that we are actually the catalyst that is going to disempower the billionaires and governments.

The first thing you have to embrace, in the Real Economic Model, is that #BillionairesAreParasites

No really. Those who are billionaires, and the ten to twenty percent of people striving for all their worth to become billionaires, are parasites on the global ecology.

For the ecology is the economy. Economics do not exist outside of Earth’s ecology. Economics in its current form is the system by which we quantify and qualify the destruction of the ecology and convert it into wealth.

Today is Christmas Day, 2021. At some point – hopefully by September 2022 – my book The Real Economist will be published, and the movement will begin.

Join me.

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