The past few weeks have amply demonstrated that the convergence in ecological systemic collapses is accelerating, and we are moving further and faster into our own mass extinction event.

Despite this, the population not directly impacted by emergent wildfires, floods, scorching heat or tornados remains committed to the pursuit of vapid distractions in the form of entertainment, sport and wealth creation. Usually involving petroleum transportation.

It is uncanny how the vast majority of people fail to grasp the relationship between the ability to travel anywhere, anytime, at the drop of a hat with the fires roaring across millions of hectares around the world right now.

It is this collective willful ignorance  more than any other feature of the human character that assures the imminent transformation of our planet from a robust living biological organism into a searing desert scarred by the dystopian architecture left populated by a miserable fraction of the 8 billion souls who perish in this maelstrom.

Leadership in government is devoid of solutions.  Governments have repeatedly proven themselves more aligned with the interests of the oil and gas business than their citizens. The constant mealy-mouthed language certifying the utility and necessity of continued hydrocarbon extraction is daily proof of their values.

So looking to that quarter for a solution is the epitome of futile.

However, it is pointless to succumb to panic, despair or worse – complacency.

What can I do? you may ask.

The key to an immediate abeyance in this apocalyptic future is not in taking any immediate action, but rather in embracing the idea of taking no action.

By that, I mean immediately cease consuming petroleum by abandoning all combustion engine transportation, stopping all work that results in destruction of natural environments such as forests, streams and grasslands, and finding your way (on foot, by bicycle, or under sail) to a place where you can grow some food and build a small shelter to ride out the transformation.

Easy for me to say, who lives on a farm in the country, and at 60 years of age, has enjoyed the unfettered joy of travel to exotic destinations. Just as in law, not knowing is not a valid defense, I look back at the time when I felt that if I wasn’t travelling somewhere, I was stagnating, and recognize that it wasn’t that I didn’t know what the consequences of burning tonnes of fossil fuels every day was. It was more that the internal dialogue, which is very much influenced and informed by what is being communicated in the media, made it seem like it was just a minor problem that needed solving. And that travel is the key to freedom.

At no point have I ever encountered a voice in education media, news media, or entertainment media advocating for less personal travel, more stillness and non-combustion engine transportation. On the contrary, we have been brainwashed by the incessant imagery in all media to equate travel with freedom.

The explosion of massive scale wildfires simultaneously in Greece, Canada, Hawaii, Spain, Portugal,and in many other locations should be the only proof necessary to appreciate the rate at which the climate disaster is manifesting.

The next inflection point is likely the collapse of the Atlantic Mid-Ocean Current (AMOC), which is the oceanic conveyor that keeps the climate relatively benign. It is suggested that we could see temperatures rise by as much as 20 degrees in a single year if this does occur.

The ocean surface temperatures are already suggesting that the climatic events that need to happen to cause the AMOC to cease are well underway, and so it is believed that this catastrophic climatic milestone might be reached before the end of this decade.

It indeed appears as though humanity will, for the most part, avoid adopting this reality until it has engulfed them, which will result in massive deaths.

There is nothing further to be done. The 90 million barrels of oil per day being combusted for transportation and energy production is the engine driving this acceleration. Stop consuming petroleum in any form immediately.

Avoid using any combustion engine from this day forward (as much as is possible in your own context). Any time you start an engine or get on an airplane or fire up your motorcycle you are adding to the rate of decline. Every time you don’t use petroleum, you are adding to the rehabilitation of the biosphere.

But what does that mean for our food supply?

It means you are going to be responsible for producing and procuring your own and your family’s food.

I realize how difficult this is to imagine for most people, but the world has now changed. The ecology is exerting its response to the human overpopulation and consumption of its surface, and will now seek to eradicate the cancer that is humanity through withdrawal of its natural  climate moderation services.

Darwinist survival of the fittest will increasingly take on tangible meaning, as violent competition for resources becomes the default daily reality for more and more people as the collapse accelerates.

Complacency, as I said earlier, is a counterproductive mindset. If you embrace the idea that ‘nothing can be done’, then you are right. But it you embrace the idea that, through coordinated collective boycott of oil and gas products, we can begin to reign in the runaway climate catastrophe, then you are also right.

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