The Real Economist

Disempowering the Political-Billionaire Class Through Coordinated Collective Action

We are living in an era where the interests of billionaires are protected by the political class in direct contravention of the public interest.

The evidence for this is abundant: disappearing coral reefs, jungles, wetlands, forests and freshwater waterways.

The global political billionaire class controls the narrative through their control of media, education, finance and government.

Despite grand displays of optic cooperation such as the Paris Accord, COP and others, the truth is these events are put on by the political billionaire class to convince us all that the solution is just around the corner, thanks to the political billionaire class.

But the truth is, this leading minority segment of global governance and control is acting in a coordinated manner to continue the status quo.

If you travel by private jet, you are a cancer on future generations. Period.

The only way to wrest control from this predatory social group is for the citizens who are genuinely committed to reversing the destructive effect of human overpopulation, and reorienting human values toward a rehabilitative mode of living as it pertains to the global ecology.

The Real Economist presents a framework for living, working, and recreating in a way that both preserves, nurtures and expands natural diversity, but simultaneously cuts off the lifeblood of the political billionaire class: money.

This is the seed of a revolution. This is a path forward that, if broadly adopted, will disempower the billionaires, and will force governments to enact laws that prioritize the human interest over the private financial interests of the billionaires, and the much larger segment of millionaires who aspire to be billionaires.

Economics is the language of justification by which governments and billionaires project credibility for their policies. Economists are the “scientists” who, through professional accreditation, vindicate destructive ecological policies, and protect economic wealth on behalf of billionaires.

As individuals, we are forced to accommodate the excessive lifestyles of the billionaires among us, choking on the exhaust of their private jets, living in the shadows cast by their massive multiple dwellings, enduring their condescension and ecologically egregious lifestyle impacts.

The Real Economist is you and I. We live by the realities inflicted by supply and demand – and not in a metaphorical sense. The supply of work and opportunities is the demand that everyone has for meaningful employment and self-determination.

The complexities of modern academic economics are contrived to dissuade any casual practitioner of economics from achieving a voice in the global economic discourse.

And because of this – and their inadvertent subordination to the service of the political billionaire class, they have lost all credibility.

It is up to us – the people – to dismantle the disfigured and mutated forms of governance and democracy that have ascended to dominate the destiny of mankind on this planet.

If we can put aside the superficial differences that have become the dominant theme in political and social discourse – the “us vs them” mentality, the dualistic identity politics that its left against right, socialism vs capitalism, democrat vs republican – only then can we make real changes to our behaviours on Earth as it impacts the planet’s ecology.

The Real Economist is a framework for action.

Dive in and make the changes we suggest that are easy for you first. Then consider the bigger actions that you can take to align your behaviour with the long term health of our shared global ecology from which all economy is derived.

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