Oh if only I could go to sleep to awake in 200 years and see how much of Real Economics displaces the current economics that informs global governance. I wonder wether I would be proud or heartbroken?

Fraudulent Economics, for those who may be wondering, is also what we at the Real Economic Society refer to as any of:

i) Academic Economics;
ii) Classical Economics
iii) Conventional Economics
iv) Fasle Economics

This the default form of economics that has evolved from Aristotle and Adam Smith to Milton Friedman, Paul Volcker, Joseph Stieglitz, etc.

This economic school of thought essentially serves as an evolving body of media that projects certain values onto the policies of governments thus enabling and justifying the ongoing exploitation of the Earth’s resources by a small cadre of elite billionaires, or oligarchs, who then finance the governments to keep them in power and adhering to the economic doctrine that facilitates such exploitation.

It is the language deployed to news media and the public, reinforced and reiterated by the media indoctrination institutions that we refer to as “universities”, which we have been conditioned to accept as the ultimate credible source of information that governs our perceived reality.

The economists listed above who evolve the discourse through history along these consistent thematic lines of supply and demand are uniformly ignorant of their true roll in the geo-political power structures while simultaneously believing whole-heartedly in the defective nonsense they espouse. Which, by design, is always built on the epistemological foundations curated and protected by the universities.

Thus, society at large takes their beliefs in whichever economic conditions and rules from this grossly inequitable playbook to justify their own pursuit of wealth accumulation and resource exploitation.

It is the fundamental institution that has driven humanity to the brink of extinction with the widely assimilated conviction that continuous economic growth is not only possible – it is the main objective of economic activity. This is the origin of the now ubiquitous “inflation target” of 2 percent in economic policy.

Never mind that the ecological reality that is the physical limitation of the finite sphere of resources called Earth demonstrates inarguably that not only is such growth suicidal for the species called homo sapiens – it is likely to degrade the entire ecology of Earth such that the viability of the life form called man is rendered dubious in an increasingly volatile environment.

Breaking Free of the Fraud
The first step on the path toward becoming a Real Economist, which is within the intellectual and realistic grasp of every human being on Earth, is to recognize that the massive, pervasive fraud of economics is precisely that: a giant fraud perpetuated on the world’s population by this elite minority of predatory elite.

In this context, it is important to establish in one’s own linguistic basis that the term “elite” is on par with “parasitic” and “predatory”. In short, it is anathema to humanity.

The second step on the path to Real Economic enlightenment is identify in your own psyche, the instinctive animal traits that drive the desire to accumulate wealth, and achieve an exceptional proportion of wealth for one’s self: fear.

It is the fear of not having enough that is the primordial driver of wealth ambition in modern humans. This is an evolutionary impulse that likely gave humanity one of the many advantages required to achieve apex predator status among biological species.

But this instinct now presents as the seeds of destruction, and is in the process of cutting short the full human potential.

Strive though we might to wrest control of the ecological future away from the predatory and exploitive interests of this minority, we will continue in our cycle of failure if we insist on trying to break the pattern from within the structures of  universities, governments and media. We must reshape the law to reflect the values of the long term interest of humanity to continue evolving toward its full potential.

This is the fundamental objective of Real Economics, and if you think about it, should be the only objective of any legitimate system that purports to be economic in nature.


About the Author

James West is the founder of the Real Economic Society and author of the Real Economist. He is an unaccredited ecologist, economist, and organic regenerative farmer seeking to reorient the values of humanity toward a rehabilitative and symbiotic mode of existence on Earth.

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