It is impossible to ignore the hypocrisy inherent in criticizing Israel as the descendant of genocidal European colonialists living in North America.

The genocidal displacement of indigenous peoples by European migrants is the historical anthropological fact of Canada and the United States’ founding.

And migration is a feature of evolving ecological systems, and thus displacement is the result of superior violent force. Violence is the essence of change which is continuous and constant. Contrary to what is taught in our indoctrination media institutions, violence, and the threat of violence, determines the geo-political power matrix; not democracy, not communism, not socialism.

As it is in Nature…

We see, in nature, examples of one species displacing another when ecological conditions cause the displacing species to seek new habitat. Territorial conflicts are a natural feature of the ecology, and we do not attach any negative morality to such actions.

But in the case of our own species, where we continuously roam the planet in search of wealth and associated opportunities, we see, increasingly, perceived moral transgressions when one population displaces another, and we give them unique human descriptives such as “genocide” and “crimes against humanity”.

This stems from a constant desire to varying degrees in humans to balance the predation necessary to sustain life with a perceived moral justice with which we seek to justify our actions and alleviate guilt.

But we are not animals…

Humanity is persistently and continuously trying to insert exceptionalism into itself from the rest of the animal kingdom, and besides sentience and memory, this morality is a byproduct of the advanced intelligence that has made us the ultimate apex predator in the Earth’s ecology.

And so we can expect to ignite social outrage from those who claim moral right by voicing concern and acting in the interest of peoples who are in the process of being displaced or eliminated. 

But to authenticate such a position, each individual must evaluate and acknowledge the circumstances of their own existence.

Look in the mirror

As white North Americans, the historical record of the last several hundred years demonstrates the pattern by which the indigenous American people are incrementally subordinated to the invading European white colonizers, who were initially motivated to explore the rest of the world because of limitations to the opportunistic inventory at home, or due to persecution of their minority within governing European populations and/or predominant religious groups, or famine, or to flee conflicts, or even for the sake of adventure.

Either way, during this phenomenon, and as motive ability increased through the harnessing of electricity and combustion, was not subject to any negative moral judgment in the context of the social zeitgeist of the day.

The sense of entitlement and perceived right of conquest is almost always a given throughout history, especially when such colonizing activities were carried out under the order of the governing geo-political power groups of the day. “Obeying the law” is a fundamental expectation of one’s membership in a developed society, and that law is determined by the government.

Survival of the Fittest

So both in nature, and within the human historical record, there is a plain absence of  morality impeding the process of colonization, and, as in nature, we view these phenomena as a “legitimate conquest”, and part of the evolutionary “survival of the fittest” as described in Charles Darwin’s The Origin of Species. 

If you want to criticize Israel for prosecuting a genocidal displacement of an indigenous population, make sure you understand you cannot credibly do so as a white person in North America on moral grounds.

In fact, the very ability to have the freedom, wealth and platform to express sympathy for Palestine is as a result of the aforementioned genocidal displacement of indigenous populations. Among the humans, white Europeans and their descendants have achieved supremacy of governance over the bulk of the world’s lands and resource wealth because of the capacity to prosecute war mercilessly upon those whose lands are deemed valuable. 

So that needs to be taken into consideration, and must inform whatever stance you would take against Israel.

That being said, humanity as a whole has bigger fish to fry as far as existential emergencies are concerned. 

The rapid deterioration of global ecological systems is doing more to eliminate wealth disparity, migration, and land disputes than selected inter-racial genocides.

Upon this basis, and in  addition to other considerations, the conflict in Palestine must be halted sooner rather than later. 

Wars and genocide not only contribute significant atmospheric contamination; they preclude the possibility of a collective reorientation of human economic activity away from the unbridled exploitation of the ecology, and toward ecological rehabilitation.

That may seem insultingly insensitive to those embroiled in a daily fight for survival in conflict areas. But the bigger picture here, sensitivities aside, is that we are quickly approaching the moment when there is nothing left to fight over, and no one left to fight.

If this has been the secret diabolical plan of say, bacteria, for example, to regain their dominance of planet Earth, it’s a good one.

So yes, Israel needs to be stopped. Or rather, Israel needs to stop aiding and abetting the United States military industrial complex on the flimsy pretext of ideological and mythological belief differences, and we all need to figure out how to immediately stop the exponential increase in ocean temperature and exploding virulent pandemics (Avian influenza is up next)  that is the precursor to an uninhabitable Earth, and the extinction of all humans.

About the Author

James West is the founder of the Real Economic Society and author of the Real Economist. He is an unaccredited ecologist, economist, and organic regenerative farmer seeking to reorient the values of humanity toward a rehabilitative and symbiotic mode of existence on Earth.

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