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Project2025 SCOTUS Launch an Insurrection

It is the view of many Canadians living along the northern US border that the actions of the Supreme Court justices bear closer resemblance to a military junta than a Read More

Israel and Palestine: History Repeating?

It is impossible to ignore the hypocrisy inherent in criticizing Israel as the descendant of genocidal European colonialists living in North America. The genocidal displacement of indigenous peoples by European Read More

Bad Ideas: US Military Soliciting ideas for AI Weapons Systems

In a broad daylight example of everyone’s worst nightmare,  the American Association for the Advancement of Sciences (AAAS) on May 28, 2024 emailed a “Policy Alert” to its membership that Read More

Fraudulent Economics is the standard

Oh if only I could go to sleep to awake in 200 years and see how much of Real Economics displaces the current economics that informs global governance. I wonder Read More

Business as usual means acceleration into extinction

The delusion of nearly everyone on Earth who is cognizant of the ecological deterioration now accelerating is that we still have time to repair the damage and “change our ways” Read More

Distraction and Complacency are mankind’s fatal flaws

Complacency is the default human response when it comes to situations perceived to be outside of one’s power to have an impact on. Climate change, genocides, resource depletion, reproductive rights Read More

The Thinly Disguised Global Authoritarian Agenda we should all fear

It was almost one year ago today that Larry Fink, CEO of Blackrock was interviewed about his views on authoritarianism. His answer was a shocking eye-opener. “Markets don’t like uncertainty,” Read More

Avian Influenza heralds accelerating ecological emergency in 2024

You may not have heard, but there is a virus rampaging through bird populations that has jumped to mammals and has killed hundreds of people. Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) Read More

COP28: Foxes guarding the chicken house

Sultan Ahmed al-Jaber is not just the president of COP28, the long-running farce where global elites travel by private jet to a new capital every other year to play a Read More

Micro and Nano Plastics: Threat to human health

As if climate change acceleration wasn’t a big enough threat to the human population, it is increasingly apparent that micro and nan0 plastics (MNPs) – the tiny derivatives of our Read More